Besides the obvious nutritional benefits, free-range eggs simply taste better!  The most likely cause of the differences between free-range eggs and those from caged, commercial-production hens is the diet the hens consume every day.  Basically, you are what you eat.  After all, the free-range chicken’s diet is all natural and varied, while the caged hen eats only what is placed in front of her.

Our chickens diet is only supplemented with Organic non-GMO feed. The lovely hens have access to a full 10 acres to roam free.

Chickens will eat many different things other than just feed, they will eat insects, worms, and various greens. The eggs laid by free range chickens have a much higher nutritional value than store bought eggs. Free range eggs contain twice the amount of vitamin E, six times the amount of vitamin A; they contain less saturated fat, and have four times the omega-3 fatty acids. They also have half as much cholesterol as eggs that are produced by factory raised hens. Eggs from free-range Chickens are all around better for you!

100%​ local, farm fresh, free-range, non-GMO Chicken Eggs

What is meant by free range? That simply means that the chickens are allowed to roam freely and consume food that is natural to their diet.