About Us

We've been growing non-GMO vegetables and raising grass-fed livestock for 10 years; way before it became trendy.

Inzerillo Family Farm is a small farm serving local families. Our lamb is grass fed. Our eggs are from hens that free range and fed non-GMO Organic feed. Our produce is grown from non-GMO, Heirloom seeds and starts that are all hand picked. We use NO synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, we compost with material that comes from our sheep, chickens and garden. Our goal is be a fully self sustained farm, free from the reaches of harmful influences. We strive to bring only natural, healthy, fresh and local products to your dinner table. 



We help consumers understand the health benefits in using non-GMO products.  Our farming rejects mainstream industrial agriculture and implements high quality, non-synthetic fertized


Our unique products are made with pure-and-simple ingredient.  What products are not generated on the farm we purchase  directly from other local farmers and vendors with similar values.  Slowly, Inzerillo Family Farm has begun to grow into the independently owned and operated farm you see today supplying many local families with healthy and fresh food.  

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